Using Bollards in a Residential Area

Driveway areas- surprisingly driveways can be a hotspot for accidents and injuries. People may drive too fast as they enter your driveway as they approach your home, or they may simply lose control of their vehicle. This is especially true adverse weather conditions but can occur at any time. In order to prevent damage to your home and protect what matters the most, installing security bollards around your driveway areas is a very popular choice amongst homeowners.

Perimeters of your property- one of the most common uses of bollards in residential areas is to protect the perimeter of the property itself. Highly susceptible to unwonted vehicle activity such areas are prone to drivers losing control of their vehicle, potentially causing a great deal of damage and even injuring innocent parties in sight home. To help restrict reckless drivers entering restricted areas around the property, permanent bollards can be installed around the perimeter of your home and surrounding grounds to reduce these risks further.

Large outdoor spaces- while less common than protecting your home or driver areas, some home owners opt for using collapsible bollards when they are hosting parties, events and gatherings at the home. A typical example may be if you are inviting guests over for a celebratory party, wedding or graduation and have a large enough property for guests the park in close proximity homeowners may opt for installing some kind of security posts in place to prevent accidental accidents crashes and create order.

Near a garage- for homeowners who commonly reversed into their garages, they will know first-hand how easy it is to misjudge the distance between the garage and your vehicle. By installing permanent bollards directly in front of the garage area or if preferred round your garage to prevent general accidental crashes, bollards can provide an effective solution to reduce any mishaps from occurring.

If you are homeowner and are considering to use bollards within your residential area, please do not hesitate to get in touch and speak with one of our trained bollard experts today.

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