Bollards for Streetscapes & City Centres

Balancing pedestrian safety with vehicle accessibility, bars on the perfect choice for streetscapes of all kinds. Available in both collapsible and removal options, traffic control barriers allowing you to prevent vehicles from entering restricted areas during periods of high addition traffic common and provide a safe solution for all.

Our traffic control barriers provide flexible solutions, allowing you to provide high levels of security when you need it. For example removable and collapsible pollard’s perfect sectioning off streets, prevent such as spares the markets marathons and parades, preventing traffic from entering otherwise vehicle friendly areas.

Well-suited for areas that infrequently will park control removable barriers leave behind a smooth service when they are removed and stored. In contrast collapsible pollard’s stay fixed in space, locking in an upright position and laid flat when not in use, making them ideal for areas that must be section of more frequently.

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